Welcome to the private company Price Earnings Ratio Database, compiled and analysed by members of the Leading Edge Alliance, a global alliance of major, independently owned, accounting and consulting firms.

This database provides essential information on the pricing of private company sales and acquisitions. It is based on information recorded by expert Corporate Finance advisers across Europe on completed transactions. It therefore reflects the actual values in the deal, i.e. the actual consideration paid and the real underlying profits being bought/sold. This provides far more meaningful data than that shown by other measures that are restricted to only using publicly available information.


The graph shows the rolling six month average ratio between enterprise values and underlying profits for deals across Europe. click here to read latest summary


In 2015 PER ratios continued to climb to pre-financial crisis peaks of 7.1, driven by relaxed monetary policy and growing economic confidence, before slightly dipping to 6.9 in the final quarter. Deal volumes and total deal values continue to increase and are now achieving close to pre-financial crisis levels.
Year Average EBIT ratio
 2005  6.5
 2006  6.5
 2007  7.1
 2008  6.3
 2009  5.4
 2010  5.4
 2011  6.5
 2012  6.6
 2013  6.1
 2014  6.8
 2015  7.1


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